Friday, February 6, 2015

Battle of Sambre Part 2

Here/s the rest of the battle.

Roman turn 5 starts with attacks in the center and right with minimal success.  The Gaul's on their turn pulled back in the center and attacked on the left again with minimal results.

Roman turn 6 the cavalry attacks the Gaul left flank and spend themselves on the Gaul's in the wood then the legion attacks and is able to shatter two units but the morale for the Gaul's is good.

The Gaul's in their turn try desperation attacks in the center and the left with minimal results.  The picture at the bottom is the positions at the end of turn 6.

The Gaul left flank is destroyed the attack by the legion shattered 3 units and morale caused two more to flee while the center was ineffective in their attack and the right was just holding their ground due to losses.

Desperation time again for the Gaul's the left flank attacks and again causes a hit and the center falls back to try and hold the rear for the left flank.

Turn 8 was maneuvering for the Roman with a attack on the left with no effect and the Gaul's attacked the center rear with slight success.

Turn 9 the end is near the Roman's attack the left rear and shatter the remaining forces but the morale of the Gaul's holds and on their turn they get some revenge attacking the Roman right and are able to shatter a legion unit.

The final turn.  The Roman's attack and shatter the left rear and with bad Gaul morale the rest of the army flees the field giving the Roman's a resounding victory.

I had a great time with this and am now working on painting the rest of the Roman's that I have so I can fight some Roman Civil War actions.   Can't wait for Magister Militum to increase this range I really want to do the Carthaginians wars.

Battle of Sambre 57bc

My new blog site for posting my wargaming pictures.  First up is the Battle of Sambre using Strategos II rules and 3mm miniatures from Magister Militum.  Below is the terrain setup and the initial deployment.  

This battle is between the Romans commanded by Caesar and the Gaul's.   The romans are in with the red labels and were surprised at this battle so only have limited forces on the board at the start.  this is at the end of turn 1.  I use the cribbage board to keep track of the turn and the fighting value of the sides and use the coins to let me know how many orders the side has.

End of the 2nd turn for both the Romans and the Guals.   Caesar committed his next reinforcements to steady up his right and center and moved the cavalry to the left flank.  The Gaul's  advanced all along the front and moved their cavalry to the right flank to counter the Romans.

Roman 3rd turn additional reinforcements appear and the cavalry move to the left flank.

First attack to the Gaul's they attack the center and cause a hit on the Roman legion but everything else misses.  The bottom picture shows the situation at the end of turn 3.

Roman's 4th turn.  Bad turn for the Gaul's. Roman cavalry attacked on the flank and shattered the Gaul cavalry and the legion attacked on their left flank with the lead unit doing a all out attack causing a hit to himself and the Gaul and the other Roman legions rolling really lucky and causing two additional hits on the Gaul's.

The Gaul's can do nothing in their turn but fall back to the wooded hills and hope they can pull this out.

The rest of the battle to come soon.  Hope you enjoyed this.  More to come  Gary